Weighing My Options (Wholeness Series Book 6)

Weighing My Options
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It is truly helpful for people who seek good health and wellness.. God bless.

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Thanks so much for these scriptures! I thought a biblical quote would be fantastic it is a catholic school and a few of these are perfect! Thanks again. Hello Derek, Thanks so much for your comment! Well done faithful servant! I pray that God blesses you and the others who hear what you have to say to them. Take care, Dale. Love the verse from 1Timothy about training yourself in spiritual fitness! I need to wake up every day and remind my self of this and what my Father in Heaven wants me to be about doing!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sharing the characters and worlds born in the labyrinth of her mind is a childhood dream come true for Shawneda. Weighing My Options book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Toni, Briana and Julie were thick as thieves throughout elemen.

Thanks for posting these verses! You are welcome Chris. This verse in the New Living Translation, first edition, is what started me looking for the Biblical principles that I now write and teach about. Have a blessed evening! Thank you for putting this information across.

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Thank you for being a blessing unto many. Dale Fletcher: I am currently facing an illness that will never go away. Everyday, something new comes up. Thank you so much for being there for so many people that need your help. Isabel, Thanks for making a comment. May you be continually strengthened by the Lord as you contend with your trial. Hey this is amazing. I love what God is doing through so many in this area of life.

It is about time the church awakens to true prosperity, which starts in the soul. So much of the church has its head stuck in the sand when it comes to fitness. I love when people such as yourself are beating the drum when it comes to fitness in the church. I pray God multiplies your influence! Praise the Lord!

Each walk will be preceded by a scripture on health and wellness. The Holy Spirit truly led me to your website. God Bless you and I will definitely sign up for your newsletter. Yes, praise God DD!! I pray blessings over your new wellness ministry and the walks that will be occurring. I am beginning a new journey in life. It is not dieting, it is a life style change.

Thank you for this web site and so many Bible verses to encourage me daily. Congratulations for your lifestyle change Nancy!! And remember…with God all things are possible. Thank you so much for this. These verses are a great help Blessings in Christ. When we are reminded of His truth, it does renew our hope. I am glad that you were encouraged.

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Have a blessed day. I am teaching a Health class at the Christian School where I work. This site will be so helpful in tying in Biblical truths with the students. Let me know if you need any additional help or information. Blessings to you, Dale. Thank you so much…. Thanks so much for putting these together! I run a fitness ministry at my church and a blog heandsheeatclean.

Thanks again! Thank you! I am working on starting a wellness ministry to bring scripture based wellness education to impoverished neighborhoods across America and this is a BIG help!

Thank You Ruth Rcosta gmail. I am organizing a healthy living group at church and we need some ideas. These bible verses are really good. Thanks for your work on this. Thanks so much for taking the time to put these verses together. Weight loss, for example, is no different. But how do we get and stay motivated? Just like a ballerina, long hours, days and months of lonely, sometimes excruciating exercising, copious sweat, frustrating tears, pain, and seemingly wasted effort are required to get fit. Faith: the conviction in my heart of the truthfulness of God in my life, the knowing that that seed of an idea He has planted in me, He will make it grow.

At the young age of eight He instilled in me that I was beautiful and I could express that beauty and joy of life through dance, through singing, through playing instruments, and through directing music, and, even now, through writing. You KNOW.

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It started out with a desire to lose weight so I would feel better, and it has become a quest to become fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. I know that He has something He wants me to do in His kingdom, and being fit will only energize me for that purpose. All the tedious day-after-day workouts and the self-denial of unhealthy foods and the financial expense it incurs are worth it because you know deep down this is who you are: You are still beautiful. Expressing the beauty and joy He has revealed to your heart will result in the performance of a lifetime on the stage of life before your heavenly Father.

So What’s in Your Backpack? A Spiritual Reflection on How to Lighten the Load

You are becoming who you were created to be. Transformation occurs at that moment and you see it unfold from the inside out. So go on. Set your mind to going through whatever you have to go through to receive who you were created to be. Disciplining the body, the mind, and the soul causes pain, causes suffering.

It will cost in ways you never imagined physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and, yes, even financially. But the allure of the sacrifice—to pace yourself through the grueling, repetitive exposure of failures and heartaches—to become who you truly are will begin to glow inside you. I was further motivated and fortified to stick with my goal to become holistically fit when I read this same truth in the Bible. But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong.

His joy and beauty will emerge and others will be encouraged and become strong by my struggles. Learning how to nurture autonomy 6. Learning how to meet my own needs 7. Learning how to meet my life and my family as we are 8. Thinking about how our stuff impacts our parenting and our children 9. The timed release of the modules to work on each week was great at keeping up the pace without being overwhelming.

I liked that I had two days to work on each module - it meant I could read through it and the bonus materials the first night, sleep on it, then work on it the following night The integration modules were a great way to take stock of progress The fortnightly calls were a great way to connect more fully with each participant and with you You are an inspiration". I had followed her blog, Parenting for Wholeness, for a few years and always thought I would one day do her Clean Parenting program, as her concepts resonated deeply with me.

When I finally signed up, I was in desperate need of support.

I knew how I did NOT want to parent, and thought I was doing things right from a peaceful and respectful parenting perspective, but I was missing some key components without which all of my other efforts seemed for naught. Since completing the Clean Parenting program, my relationship with my daughter, who is now three, has improved in ways I could not imagine.

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We have a deeper understanding of one another, far more respect for each other, and harmony in our home. Our interactions are more heart-felt, and I have found a place to parent from that feels intuitive and authentic. I only wish I had tapped into the endless resources of Eliane's support far earlier!

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She will be a part of our ongoing journey, without a doubt. Read Lori's full description of where she was at when she contacted me, her journey through the program as well as her integration of its teachings in the following months here. The love I feel for my children and empathy I am able to gift them because of doing this work is miraculous to me. Before doing this I was trying so hard all the time and it was exhausting.

I felt like I was failing a lot and there was love between us an abundance even but I couldn't feel it all the time because I was blocked by my own stuff that I didn't even know was there. The source of my upset and the place where I disconnected from my son. I am still crying- Thank you Eliane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Kate, Australia.