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I do hope he knows I was jesting. I had emailed him as well as Renni Browne that I was blogging on their book. I wanted to do so out of courtesy and both Dave and a Ross Browne were kind enough to thank me. I do believe in good manners.

I wish I did. Think of man talk in Gran Torino. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Brayton's Briefs Writing related bits and author interviews. Of course, it'll kill you, so enjoy while you can.

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I listened to Nothing yell at the field. And I listened to his play-by-play analysis.

And I figured out that this was a kid who knew football very well. He actually knew football as well as my brother. Incidentally, Sam has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes.

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I would have told you that sooner, but under the stadium lights, everything looked kind of washed out. Not at all. They asked me questions. Scott Fitzgerald. This made them laugh because they knew I meant it honest, not show-off.

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Then they told me their favorites, and we sat quiet. I ate the pumpkin pie because the lady said it was in season, and Patrick and Sam smoked more cigarettes. I looked at them, and they looked really happy together. A good kind of happy. And even though I thought Sam was very pretty and nice, and she was the first girl I ever wanted to ask on a date someday when I can drive, I did not mind that she had a boyfriend, especially if he was a good guy like Patrick.

Then, they started laughing.

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Really laughing hard. I was very happy to know that because I would really like to ask Sam on a date someday. I really would. She is so nice. I feel ashamed, though, because that night, I had a weird dream. I was with Sam. And we were both naked. And her legs were spread over the sides of the couch.

And I woke up. And I had never felt that good in my life. But I also felt bad because I saw her naked without her permission. I think that I should tell Sam about this, and I really hope it does not prevent us from maybe making up inside jokes of our own. It would be very nice to have a friend again. I would like that even more than a date. Part 2: Together. Part 3: Delivery. Part 4: Beginnings. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had an array of students, most of which obeyed the rules and regulations enforced by its staff.

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However, if the rule-breaking proves to be for a better cause, Hermione had no objection, and this was a better cause. Norbert, a young Norwegian Ridgeback currently in the hands of the groundskeeper, Rubeus Hagrid, was growing up quite rapidly. At first, he was as harmless as a fly and Hagrid was rather happy to be taking care of such a little creature. However, due to a rather painful encounter, Ronald had with the dragon, they were forced to transfer the young creature to someone who could take care of him in better conditions.

That someone was, Charles Weasley.

Although he had quite the team of Dragonologists, the team he wanted for this task knew Hogwarts inside and out, were cunning, trust-worthy, and also the group of misfits that wreaked havoc during their years at Hogwarts together. Before he sent out letters to the rest of the team, Charlie had to visit an old friend and partner in crime. With a grin on his face, Charlie gathered some supplies and stuffed them inside his satchel.

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Suddenly, the emerald green flames consumed him and he was transported to the safe house belonging to The Order of the Phoenix. Although the Dark Lord was not at large, The Order still gathered preparing for his inevitable return. The house was quiet and empty, rather unusual for a place where large meetings would be held.

With that, their plan was in motion. It was late winter, but the Scottish breeze remained heavy throughout the countryside. Everyone prepared for the weather, equipped with coats and scarves, usually their old house scarves.

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The meeting time had been decided months ago, after hours when there are practically no teachers roaming the halls and the students are in their respective common rooms. Bill retreated into the tent, enchanted with an undetectable extension charm, to retrieve his brother in order tonprepare for the arrival of the others. Rolling up some spare parchment, Charlie shoved it in his satchel along with some Dittany, burn-healing paste, and blood-replenishing potions.

Charlie groaned in response, wondering why his older brother always sought to embarrass him. The fire was how the rest of the team would locate them. After a few minutes, four shadows appeared in the distance, heading towards the direction of their campsite. The girls had arrived first, four cloaked figures flew above their campsite and touched down in front of the small fire.

Penny Haywood, as beautiful as ever. All the girls embraced each other, happy to see one another safe and sound. Bill and Charlie emerged from the tent and greeted the girls with smiles on their faces, but at that moment, three more figures appeared and touched down in front of them.

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The Order of Phoenix is going crazy. A win against Japan in the final on Friday would be almost irrelevant after this heroic match. While Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County is in a brief hiatus before the start of Season Three, we present a re-broadcast of Freelance Heroism with a special guest star, Minionworks' own Larissa Erwin. The problem is, something has found them as well. However, ever the businessman, he recognizes the lucrative nature of adventuring on the side and, now, the quartet has approached the mayor of Phandalin to figure out what other services Lich Gate might provide inbetween thrashing on stage. Charlottesville, Virginia: The Michie Co.

Andre Egwu, even though they were in the darkness of the forbidden forest, you could tell his outfit seemed rather expensive to be getting dirty. Barnaby Lee, his piercing green eyes still bright as if they were still kids. And the reluctant, yet brave Ben Copper who had shed most of his insecurities to be there for his friends.

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Ben started to get nervous as Charlie mentioned the size of the dragon, but Bill was there to calm him down. With a double check of all their supplies, Bill, Merula, and Barnaby mounted their brooms and began casting Wingardium Leviosa on the cage, moving it forward with the rest of the group.