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Dove Cameron - Count me In (From "Liv and Maddie”)

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And why do roads appear to be covered in squiggles of tar? The arterial lines are a common sight on paved roadways, spreading indiscriminately through the lanes. The tar actually a polymer mix is applied to asphalt that has developed cracks due to normal wear and tear from traffic. But I was unprepared for the powerful wave of sorrow I felt later that day. He flitted up higher, then lower, seeking a stronger perch as each bent beneath him.

But he stayed in that tree for a while, calling that plaintive dove call, watching me watch him. I admit it: I choked up at the sound and sight of him. Had he seen the attack or, afterwards, spotted her lying still in those bushes? Did that mean anything to him? Or was he simply looking for her now, unsure why she was, uncharacteristically, out of sight?

They say doves mate for life. Are there exceptions to this sweet but potentially heartbreaking at least for me rule?

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I needed ease, and closure. So I started reading. I learned that mourning doves in the wild are short lived; some sources put the average life span at less than two years. Mortality as a youngster is as high as 70 percent and 58 percent of adults die each year. I took slight comfort in the fact that, statistically, had Geddy not caught that grounded bird a hawk would have swooped down and nabbed her sometime soon.

But more reassuring was this: Although mourning doves are indeed loyal mates, if one dies the other will seek a new partner and get back to the business of making more doves. As I write this I hear the surviving bird cooing in a big tree, one with solid perches, behind my house. Like him, I am listening, hopefully, for a reply. On days 1 and 2 the male bird was alone and calling, but today I saw him in conversation with a new female. The 20 gauge offers a little less shot but also offers the advantage of lighter weight and less recoil.

Opening day dove are usually pretty close, offering shots inside thirty yards. Improved cylinder will serve you well but you may want to have the Modified in your bag if conditions change. Late season is a different story. Switch to a Modified choke to start and you may have to step up to Full if the birds are flying high. Opening day of dove season is a big boost in income for shotshell manufacturers.

The average dove hunter shoots five times for each bird in the bag. There is a reason those shells are low cost; they are made with inexpensive components. That can lead to missed birds and actually increase the number of shells it takes to bag a limit. Inexpensive lead shot deforms quickly and can leave holes in your shot pattern at 25 — 30 yards, your typical dove shot. If you want to improve you shot to bird ratio, the answer is hunt with a quality dove load.

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Go after dove with a quality load and you will see your performance improve. Along with low quality shot shells, the other reason many hunters miss birds is lack of practice at the range before the season starts.

Difference between Doves and Pigeons

They grab their gun on the way out the door, first time they have picked it up in months. Dove are small, fly erratically, and can increase their speed rapidly. You can reduce your frustration with missed birds by spending some time on the sporting clays range the month prior to hunting.

As with any hunting situation, safety is important to both a successful and enjoyable hunt. There are two things important to a safe dove hunt.

The Enduring Symbolism of Doves

First, remember there are a lot of other hunters in the field. Make sure your stand or position is far enough away from other hunters. If positions are not marked in advance, look around when you enter the field for locations of hunters that have already arrived. You should choose a stand about 40 yards from the nearest hunter.

One of the flight tactics of dove is to dip into the feeding area just before landing. This presents a hazard to other hunters in the field that may be at the other end of your shot pattern. Even with that you will still have plenty of shooting to keep your barrel warm. Upland season is here. Don is a freeland outdoor writer living in the mountains of North Carolina. A lifelong hunter and wingshooter, he started out hunting dove and quail in his native state of Alabama. His travels in the U.

Army gave him the opportunity to hunt throughout the U. His passion for upland hunting has associated him with English Setters and along with his home territory he has followed them throughout the northeast and Midwest chasing ruffed grouse and woodcock.

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Turkey hunting has become increasingly popular over the past few years. For many hunters it After a successful spring chasing snows in Saskatchewan, we decided to head back this fall for The upland hunting season is fast approaching and it kicks off in early September with fast action and For many hunters it is an IVA - Email: team hunting-spot.

Read all the posts. Go to homepage. Kick off the upland season with dove! There are plenty of birds out there One of the main reasons for the popularity of dove hunting is their numbers. And the bag limits are usually liberal! Most states allow hunters to take up to 15 birds daily throughout the season. The dove season As migratory birds, the dove season is overseen by the USFWS which sets a dove season within the season. Again, hunters need to check state game regulations for opening dates and times. Traditions are part of dove hunting Since hunters have languished over the hot summer months the opening day of dove season is sometimes as much a social event as it is a hunt.

How to hunt dove To understand how and where to hunt dove it helps to know their daily routine. Where to hunt dove There are typically two options for hunting dove — private land or public fields prepared by state game agencies. If you get an invitation to join one of these shoots, jump on it!