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The senior staff here has amazing plans beyond anything I would have considered that I am genuinely excited to be a part of. To say that were trying times is an understatement. We have endured and here in we are galvanized. You can count on us.

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That means a lot to me and all of us here. That lets us know that we are on the right track.

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Something else that lets us know we are on the right track is when supporters like Cameron here let us know what Acme Comics means to them. Will he be able to stop himself or will someone else have to intervene to stop him? Her search for more information about her origins puts her in the sights of Superman and Batman at a critical juncture! Plus, where is the Red Goblin, Normal Osborn? The Avengers vs the Cosmic Ghost Rider! Batman and Superman will have to get past one of the most powerful heroes of all before they can begin to figure out who they can trust!

By Joshua Williamson and David Marquez! The saga of the Batman Who Laughs continues here! What will she think of the methods Mister Freeze used to make her resurrection possible? Dial H is now a twelve part series! The Hero Dial turns up in Metropolis making it the city of a thousand super heroes! Written and drawn by fan favorite creator Stejpan Sejic!

Featuring the Juggernaut and Foggy Nelson! Now Otto faces an even more powerful and deranged Norman Osborn from the pages of Spider-geddon! Is this the beginning of the end? Six Transformers whose contributions were wiped from history. Where are they now and what are they planning? The long awaited spotlight on the Cosntructicons and Devastator is here! How will Wonder Woman prevail now that her enemy has the Godkiller Sword? Will Mister Sinister be the undoing of all? First printing copies of all issues of House of X and Powers of X are available here!

If you love epic fantasy adventure with bold anime inspired art, this is still the go to series! Contains issues written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Is Deathstroke truly criminally insane? Can the asylum survive his visit? Contains Deathstroke issues Go back to the beginning and see the arrival of the UrSkeks on Thra and their true origins! This is a officially cannon and cannot miss for Dark Crystal fans!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. J.S. Riddle was born in Oxford, England and currently Rise of a Queen (The Vampire Realm Book 1) by [Riddle, J.S. Books by Morgan Rice OF CROWNS AND GLORY SLAVE, WARRIOR, QUEEN ( Book #1) KINGS AND SORCERERS RISE OF THE DRAGONS OF HONOR ( Book #3) A FORGE OF VALOR (Book #4) A REALM OF SHADOWS (Book #5).

Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. The melded heroes such as the Soldier Supreme and Iron Hammer return as their world is plagued by melded Marvel Comics events! Absolute Carnage is flying off the shelves so be sure your copy is secured through our preorder subscription service! From the writers of Archie !

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Written by Tom King with stunning art by Clay Mann! Whether the world wants their help or not! Written by Tini Howard! Thanks to post-Flashpoint meddling as explored in Doomsday Clock, Wally West was totally ejected from the DC Universe timeline causing him trauma unlike anything any other hero has experienced! Now Wally searches the cosmos for answers.

How can Spider-man help solve it when he appears to be the victim? In a world where Cobra rules, an uprising is fighting back and is looking for new recruits! Who will join G. Plus back up stories featuring lost characters, starting with Peacemaker! First printing copies of 1 are still on hand and available here! Now upgraded to an ongoing series! Be sure that you have this on your preorder subscription with us! An unexpected and exciting tale featuring a new Spider-man and a terrifying new villain unfolds now! Art by Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli!

After a key moment in issue 14, the Legion of Super-heroes exists once more and has traveled from the 31st century to recruit their most valuable member! How will Superman and Lois react to their request? Find out here! Join Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber for answers in this fun series spotlighting the longstanding Superman supporting cast member! Featuring Ultron, Machine Man, Jocasta, and many more! If you loved the Hulk from Avengers Endgame, this is what you want to see!

By Tini Howard and Kate Niemczyk! Featuring Moon Knight! Soon the hunger will be upon the devourer of worlds and dark forces are ready to take advantage of that! Can Doctor Strange set things right and if so at what cost? Contains issues Contains issues from Image Comics. Craig Russell.

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There were also new characters that were introduced and I can't I was highly anticipating this new book in the Blood and Snow series. Dungeon Masters may wish to utilize these illustrations as visual aids at their games, and players can get a taste of the world they enter when their PCs begin their lives in the city of Manifest. The victim is paralyzed and takes 1d12 points of damage per round. Sean Kendrick is the returning champion of the Scorpio Races, an annual competition in which riders try to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line. As long as a confusing love triangle and Austin's hornyness don't get in the way. You may rebuke, bolster, and turn undead as a cleric using your EBL in place of cleric level.

Together they are the original Young Justice team! Find out here as Brian Michael Bendis revives the beloved s group along with new characters! With Johnny Blaze unavailable, it will be up to Danny Ketch to ride out to her rescue!

Catwoman may hold the answers to success, but will Batman listen? Keep your eye on this series because even more eyes will be on this soon! And Mister Freeze is about to fulfill his part of the bargain with Lex Luthor!

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Who is Leviathan? The major spy and response networks of the DC Universe have all been neutralized including S. A dire situation that demands the attention of Frankenstein leads him to Gotham City where he will have to recruit an unlikely new team of familiar monsters! In order to escape cancellation limbo she is trying to do whatever outrageous thing she can to stay in the spotlight. Last issue she unmasked Spider-man and now she is trying to come between Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman!

Will that work or will she have to get even more creative next issue? Where is the Justice League? All Father Thor will have to stop him, no matter the cost.

Questions you forgot were never answered explode back into the forefront in this special anniversary issue! The time stream is unexpectedly impacted and only Moon Knight is in a position to set things right in this match up no one has seen before! But there was no offer made to The Riddler. Was that an insulting oversight or all part of the larger plan?

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Can the Surfer prevent the spread of darkness across the universe? By Donny Cates and Tradd Moore. Trees is set to be adapted to television soon! Two issues remain before the series conclusion! But who or what will be there? All eyes are on the revitalization of the X-men brand by Jonathan Hickman!

First printing copies of all issues are available here at Acme Comics and at cover price! Atar Gull is a patient man and is on the path to revenge as long as it takes in this hardcover from the writer of The Death of Stalin and artist Bruno. Can he fight his way through the opponents in his mind to make sense of the events of the last sixty issues?

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Contains Batman and Written by Gail Simone. Contains issues and more. The land needs saving and the last Kinmundian along with his faithful Battlepug will heed the call once again! Next month, the end! In this alternate dimension, many major heroes have fallen, but a small band of led by Mister Terrific tries their best to make a difference! DCeased is a runaway hit and this is your chance to sample the chaos! For the full story see the Batwoman Elegy paperback this week!