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Dray and Kamoie give readers a new perspective on the birth of our nation and everyday life in the colonies from the eyes of a woman in the center of it all. I honestly knew nothing about this book when I downloaded it to my tablet. But I did like the cover, with its dark wrought iron gate and stately mansion in the distance. I was in the mood for something a little gloomy and the image spoke to me.

And…I loved it. All these things worked together to delight and captivate me. Everyone Brave is Forgiven screams of an amazing story to be told. This book definitely grabbed me with its cover. It depicts a lovely girl in a beautiful dress staring at the camera and made me think of Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, which was a favorite of mine a few years ago. This was another random choice that I am very glad I made. Chris Cleave presents lovely complicated characters and a beautiful message of redemption.

The same is true in reverse.

A new favorite character among readers, Flavia de Luce is a witty yr-old sleuth and an aspiring chemist. This is the perfect book for young mystery-lovers that need to be challenged just a bit. There is also a smattering of swearing and the occasional Agatha-Christie-esque murder.

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As soon as it was published, The Book Thief became an instant classic. The tale of young Liesel Meminger and her hodge-podge family is narrated by Death. This is a great read for anyone, but especially for the many kids who love WWII historical fiction. It touches on themes of wartime violence and Nazi philosophy. It also has quite a bit of language in it both in English and German. I enjoyed listening to this book because the reader gave those words the appropriate color.

Both the racism and the believability or un-believability of the girl are sensitive topics. There are also the obvious racial slurs, other language, and violent scenes.

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Podge and Dodge The Rescue (The Adventures of Podge and Dodge Book 1) - Kindle edition by Joseph Patrick Cronshaw. Download it once and read it on. Podge and Dodge The Rescue (The Adventures of Podge and Dodge Book 1) eBook: Joseph Patrick Cronshaw: thylpthandlifhelo.tk: Kindle Store.

Hilarious and very British, chaos ensues as a ragtag group travels the universe. While this one may be a bit of a stretch for some kids, many enjoy both its hilarity and thoughtfulness. Be prepared for a smattering of language and sexual innuendos of varying degrees. After discovering that one of the most popular girls in school and his crush has similar abilities, the two embark on a quest to discover the origin of their mutation.

This story is action-packed and a lot of fun.

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There is also moments of psychological torture that, if really considered, can be quite emotional. While many folks will plan a grand stack of books to consume, others would rather take on one or two behemoths of literature.

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We raise a toast to those brave souls undeterred by doorstop-sized books, so in that spirit, here are 5 classics of world literature that weigh in at over pages. The Depression-era equivalent of a beach read, this book may be huge, but you may be able to get through it faster than it would take to watch the movie! Wallace was a singular writer who, despite his verbose work, never wrote condescendingly or ostentatiously. I am VERY excited about it! So, to commemorate here is a list of some my favorite trilogies!

I want to know what happens to Amy and her friends in their post-apocalyptic world filled with the living dead!

It just sounds like fun and I want to fly. Also, Brandon Sanderson writes great characters that I quickly grow attached to with plot lines that are seldom predictable. Technically, this trilogy has turned into a series, but the first three tell a great story all by themselves. And who can resist magical ninjas? I can easily recommend people just read the trilogy. If you have watched the movies, you will still be surprised by what you find in these classic spy novels.

  • The Old Man.
  • Grow a Big Money Tree (In the Pursuit of Miracles);
  • Cronshaw Joseph.
  • Masters for the Young - Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart: For Cello and Piano (Kalmus Edition).

Cold war technology and spy craft may seem a little dated to some, but just think of it like a historical adventure novel and it becomes charmingly retro. I always wanted to do that! While all of those things are certainly perks, one of the best things about the field of archaeology is that you can get lost in all those exciting adventures just by opening up a book! At the library we have all sorts of books to suit your archaeological interests. Looking for books on ancient Rome? Head over to the s. Prefer Aztec, Maya, and Native American archaeology?

Check out the s. We even have books on forensic anthropology think Dr. Brennan from TV show Bones. So, if you harbor a secret desire to be an archaeologist, check out these and more titles from our library! This beautiful book is full of colorful photos from the most significant sites to the most important cultural treasures of the ancient world. This is a good place to start if you just want to learn about broad topics or just to pique your interest for more in depth study. Guess what—Utah is chalk-full of interesting archaeology!

Long before pioneers and Ute tribes lived in this area, the Fremont people lived, farmed, and thrived. One of the coolest things that the Fremont left behind is their amazing rock art! And there is no better place to find concentrated amounts of rock art in Utah than Nine Mile Canyon.

This site is just northeast of Price, only about an hour and a half drive from Provo, and makes for a great day trip! Like archaeology?

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Like medieval knights? Like sci-fi? A group of archaeologists get sent back in time to medieval France in order to save their professor. This is just the archaeological fiction book that you need for summer.

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Bonus—there is even a movie starring Paul Walker and Gerard Butler that is just perfect for a fun summer movie night with friends or family. This documentary is awarding-winning for a reason. It is that good. Whatever the reason, this documentary is a fascinating look into the history of Maya studies, Mayan writing, and Mayan calendars.

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Did you know that the library has magazines that you can check out? Among the many amazing periodicals is this gem, with little tidbits and stories regarding current archaeological finds around the globe. With the coming of that most famous and famously auspicious of days, thanks to Shakespeare, here are some excellent books about or set in ancient Rome. Fiction and nonfiction both. Mary Beard, a Cambridge don, presents a fresh and enlightening history of Rome's first thousand years. The author brilliantly combines scholarly insight with engaging storytelling.

An excellent book! A fascinating account of the events of the first century, when the Republic decayed, ushering in the imperial era.