Kodiak Commercial Fishing Stories

For small commercial fishermen in Alaska, the business can be boom or bust
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This is invaluable information! New interviews are added on a regular basis. Deckboss Jobs in Alaska Brian has worked in the Alaska seafood industry for over 20 years. Learn about his job as a deckboss.

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She explains the work and the fishing life in great detail. Setnet Crew Jobs Shore-based setnet operations need crews every summer. One worker talks about the experience she had in Kodiak.

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How to Become a Commercial Fisherman in Alaska In this exclusive AlaskaJobFinder interview a fisherman with 15 years of experience shares tips for getting hired and surviving the experience! No, not exactly.

It was more of a tutorial of how to tie certain knots, and what to watch out for, etc. Pretty basic and that little information was a lot at the same time.

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I learned more throughout the summer. Is it possible to land this type of job without any direct experience? You just have to show effort, and actually perform.

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Otherwise, this industry, regardless of the type of fishing, will chew you up and spit you out with nothing left but a plane ticket home crying to your mother. Commercial fishing is not for everyone, but you do not need direct experience with the industry to get a job in it.

You better have a serious backbone. You have to be able to take a beating from the sea, while being barked orders by your captain. Once you get through your first season, the rest after that are the best of your life.

What would be your number one tip to give to anyone who is trying to get a job on a fishing boat? What personal benefits do you find from working in the Alaska fishing industry? The money. Summer is when I make a majority of the money I make all year.

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This was pivotal for me; suddenly meaning was given to what seemed like an arbitrary decision to pick up my life in California, throw it in a duffel bag and move it to Alaska. This boat carried me and my crew through three years of fishing salmon in the Lower Cook Inlet. I bought my second boat in and have fished the Kodiak seine fishery every year since.

Commercial fishing in Alaska caught on film by drone

The life of a commercial fisherman is not for everyone, nor is it a life everyone can understand. It is an unrequited love story with the ocean, where men and women are called to some of the harshest climates to harvest food that quite literally feeds the world. This is also why sustainable fisheries are so important to my lifestyle and the lifestyles of those who enjoy wild Alaska salmon.

Not just the Deadliest Catch version of commercial fishing, but how to practically, collaboratively address the issues fishermen face today.