Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love: A Musical Theatre Cabaret
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I am too, a bit.

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And the confession happens. He tells me he loves me. He gets very touchy-feely.


He holds my hand. Then he nuzzles into my neck.

In that instant all the instants before coalesce; I want him so badly. I want to kiss him — he wants to kiss me. We both know this. He leaves. My heart hurts. I try not to show it.

The next day, I send him a message. I get a reply. Does he love me? Do I love him? What should I do now? Is it love? How can she tell? What is he thinking? Since Khouri still insists that the story is true, Broinowski gives her the opportunity to prove that it is fully or at least partly truthful; however, the evidence Broinowski uncovers indicates not only that Khouri's book is fiction in spite of her father's claim that it was true but that Khouri had committed a number of scams even before the book.

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What will Khushi's reaction be? Episode Arnav denies the claim of Aarav being his son and says he was never intimate with Sheetal. But she says he was drunk when it happened.


She decides to leave his house with Aarav. Khushi tries to stop her. Will Sheetal go away? Monday 9 September Episode Aarav tells Arnav about his stay in an orphanage. Meanwhile, Sheetal secretly plans her revenge against Arnav. Will Khushi notice the change in Sheetal's attitude? Episode Arnav exposes Sheetal's lie before the Raizada family. She had adopted Aarav and trained him to behave like Arnav.

The beautiful fire of new love

What was her actual intention? Tuesday 10 September Episode Khushi and Arnav get into an argument over bursting crackers. Aarav becomes furious at Khushi for not letting him eat sweets before the puja. Arnav makes rangoli along with Khushi. What is the celebration about? Episode When Arnav gets a bicycle and a cricket bat for Aarav, Khushi asks him not to indulge Aarav with expensive gifts. But Arnav tells her not to interfere in matters of money. Khushi takes up his taunt as a challenge.

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How is she going solve the problem? Wednesday 11 September Episode Khushi rejects Arnav's proposal to work at his office and makes up her mind to participate in the Mrs.


Coming up on Forbidden Love this September Monday 2 September Episode Khushi tears up the DNA test report after an offended Arnav tells. Coming up on Forbidden Love this August Thursday 1 August Episode Anjali goes to her room to meet Shyam and steps on.

India competition. How is her family going to react? Episode When the Raizada family finds out that Khushi aspires to participate in the Mrs. India contest, Nani teaches her to dance but Manorama feels dismayed.

She plans to sabotage Khushi's preparation for the competition. What will she do? Thursday 12 September Episode Arnav plans to make Khushi the head of a fashion designing project in his firm. She rejects it and visits the Glamglitz event company to audition for the Mrs. India contest, but panics on meeting the judges of the show.

Highlander’s Forbidden Love

Is Arnav aware of Khushi's plan? Episode When Khushi introduces herself, a famous model, Natasha, interrupts and ridicules her. Khushi returns home dejected. Will Khushi get through to the next round? Friday 13 September Episode Arnav joins Riya and Jay as the third judge for the fashion show. Arnav is shocked to see Khushi participating in the contest. How will Khushi react on seeing Arnav as a judge?

Episode While the contestants undergo physical training, Arnav asks Sam to enhance Khushi's workout. The Raizada family is informed by the contest organisers that the media wants to interview them. Manorama is extremely excited about the interview. What will they reveal in the interview? Monday 16 September Episode Vikrant, the contest organiser, eliminates Khushi, as she refuses to wear a swimsuit. But Arnav intervenes and changes the rules of the contest. Khushi appreciates his assistance and Arnav reminds her of something.