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The sky thickened with clouds like inkblots, and then raindrops began pelting down, drumming oti the cement walk and the roof of the porch and the slanting wooden doors over the cellar stairs. There were rumblings of thun- der. The dishes clicked and rattled on the shelves.

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Four cats meowed at the back door. Georgie opened the door, and the cats came streaking in, soaking wet- Unele Freddy was talking about the house next door. I think she's making a flower bed. Maybe it will be nice to look out the window at Miss Prawn's flowers. She gripped her spoon lightly, then put it down, and looked ai her mother. Canada geese. They're water birds, after all.

But I agree with you, Georgie dear. Those noble birds!

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The thrilling sequel to Don't Drink the Water. When six year old Jack disappears, Micah fears he knows exactly where he went. Can he face his greatest fear for. Re:fledgling gap in the fence book 2. Fledgling Gap in the Fence Book 2. You can get How to Build a Fence Learn How You Can Quickly Easily Build Your.

What a terrible thing! The leaves were moist and dripping. A thin mist, hung low between the irees. Faraway houses were dim. Trees loomed hugely in rhe fog. Georgie came out on the porch after sunset, carrving Dollabella. The air was thick with dusk. It looked heavy and solid in layers of shadow. Thick enough to hold me up, thought Georgie, like he water in Walden Pond- She put Dollabella down on the floor of the porch and fell in her pocket for the feather of the. Georgie stood on the top step of the porch stairs and tossed he feather over her head.

The feather twirled airily and landed far away on the from walk. Then Georgie bent her knees and spread her arms to the side and jumped lightly off the porch. She came down beside the feather, She picked it up. Then she turned around and looked back at the porch. Had she lifted a little? It had felt nice.

Inside the house in the parlor Eleanor was mak- ing a dress. The sewing machine Tell like a motorcycle, and she was hunched over the handlebars, as the belt -driven wheel whirled and the motor buzzed and whined. Her foot pressed down on the button that lay be- neath the table on the floor, then lifted and pressed down again.

Start, bmninimiiii , stop, click the lever up, whip the cloth around, flick the lever down, start again, Azzzezzzzzzzzzzzz. The yellow cloth was bright with o range splotches. Eddy was doing his homework at the table. The homework was boring.

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It was only the second week of school, but he was tired of school already. Then he jerked up in his chair and stared. Her dress was whizzing through the machine. The grinding of the motor pounded in her head. She didn't look up. Eddy got out of his chair and parted the parlor curtain.

He put out his hand and felt the smooth round marble head of Henry Tho- rcau- Georgie was coming in ihe front door, noise- lessly, like a moth in the gloom. She was hold- ing something up for him to see, "1 made DolJabeIJa a new dress. Well, well. Good old Dollabella. Hurray for Itollabella. He must have been mistaken. He couldn't have seen what he thought he saw. That Georgie, She certainly was a nutty little kid. In a frenzy of splashing and hoarse calling, they flew over the town and headed south in the direction of Walden Pond.

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A thinking thain drawn through the air. Aunt Alex smiled too, and then they both put their heads down and went back to sleep, Eleanor half woke too at the sound of the geese. Groaning, she turned over and fell asleep again. Eddy was a sound sleeper.

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He never woke up at all. Only Georgie came fully awake as the geese flew over the house. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the window. And, then she saw him. She saw her swan.

Her own special swan. He was bigger than the rest, like a king or a prince. A swan prince! The Swan Prince was flying at the end of the flock.

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They were winging low over the housetops, their long necks stretched forward. Only the Swan Prince was looking down. Gould he see her at the window? He was trail- ing a little behind them, looking back. Where were they going? She thought about it for a minute, and then she knew. They were flying toward Route 2.

Maybe they were heading for Walden Pond. Walden Pond was just down the road. She could go there. She would! She would walk to Walden Pond! She would walk there and be back before school 1 Georgie turned to the rocking chair where her clothes were folded in a neat pile.

She felt keen and fresh and wide awake. She pulled off her pajamas and got dressed in a clean jersey and yesterday's red overalls. Then she stopped and looked at her shoes and socks. Eddy's green rubber boots were in the coat closet downstairs. Hie boots would be better for an expedition. They would be too big, bur she would wear lots of socks. Georgie pulled on three pairs of socks. Then she put her pajamas under her pillow and made her bed and laid Dollabella in the middle of ihe pillow.