Five Men One Loaf: A Gwent Soldiers Tale

Soldier by Spicer
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She discovered that after her grandfather Robert signed up as a fresh-faced year-old in August , he was sent to the Western Front with the Welch Regiment in early They were forced to live in atrocious conditions while constantly fearing death from German snipers. Tommies like Pte Phillips would often have to fight alongside the rotting corpses of their fallen comrades often knee-deep in mud and filth. But things were only about to get worse for young Pte Phillips after his platoon were gassed by the Germans during the Second Battle of Ypres in May The town was a strategically important spot on the frontline in western Belgium and marked the first mass use by Germany of deadly poison gas on the Western Front.

Incredibly, Pte Phillips managed to survive the attack by holding a wet handkerchief to his face and lived to fight another day. In total more than 59, Brits died during the battle, but Pte Phillips was one of the lucky ones. He was eventually wounded and captured by the Germans while fighting in Vermelles a short time later. After being captured, Pte Phillips was shipped to Germany as a prisoner of war and was passed between camps in Munster and Mettingen before finally being dumped at a camp in Homsburg in western Germany. He was held there for 15 months, alongside 40 other Brits as well as hundreds of French and Russian allies who had also been captured in battle.

In documents uncovered by his grand-daughter, Pte Phillips described the hellish conditions in the camp and the sadistic regime run by the German commanders. He explained how the prisoners were regularly beaten by guards with the butts of their rifles and were forced to work gruelling shifts lasting 14 days straight — no matter how tired or ill they became.

A miner by trade, Pte Phillips kept his spirits up by refusing to dig coal for the German Navy. He defiantly hid his skills from his captors by pretending he was a simple musician. But he was caught out talking to another prisoner about his job in Wales and was immediately forced to work in back-breaking conditions in a nearby mine. Prisoners in the mine were often forced to work in freezing conditions in nothing more than shirts and trousers and, if they complained, they would be brutally beaten by guards with the sheath of their bayonets.

They were watched by wounded German soldiers back from the frontline who were more than keen to seek revenge on the enemy that injured them.

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No justice, one long weary record of brutal ill-treatment for 15 months. The conditions grew so bad in the camp Pte Phillips decided to do the only thing he could — escape. Various plans were hatched by Pte Phillips and his fellow prisoners, but they thought they were all too risky so brave Pte Phillips decided to make a break for it himself. So he watched and waited, learning the routines of the guards, until he knew them so well he audaciously walked out of the front gate during one late-night shift change and fled to a nearby forest for safety. Alone and hunted in enemy territory, Pte Phillips relied on the simple survival skills taught to him as a rookie soldier in the British Army.

He travelled by night, navigating northward by the stars, and staying off the roads in the hope he could get to Holland where he might get help from families who hated the Germans. He survived by raiding homes for food during the night or killing chickens and stealing eggs from farms he came across along the way.

But his epic journey of more than miles was not without danger and he came close to capture on many occasions but quick thinking often saved him from revealing his true identity. I found I was walking up a private drive and I hurriedly retraced my steps, passing several Germans on the way.

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The story of the experiences of a Gwent soldier from his capture in Normandy in June until his release in the Spring of The story starts with the. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked children's books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price.

After months on the road sleeping in holes he had dug for himself, Pte Phillips eventually came to the border with Holland. Linda believes Pte Phillips then found help with a family in Holland who took him in and either returned him to British forces or arranged for passage back to England smuggled aboard a ship. He eventually reached Britain in rags, bowed but unbroken. Amazingly, someone in Cardiff had the presence of mind to take a picture of him after he had bathed and out on some new clothes on the day of his return. The only resident was Kocur, who had gone ahead and left his trail in the snow, sitting by the well in the centre of the village square.

However, one could still tell that people were hiding inside the houses. Faint clouds of smoke from the hastily extinguished fireplaces were lingering above the roofs. Daddy is back! Around them, other villagers left their houses to welcome their long-missed loved ones. Tears were shed — not only tears of joy but also tears of sadness for the ones who did not make it back.

The Nilfgaardian unit which escorted the men back from the Empire to their homes felt somewhat lost at the village square. Even at a distance they could feel the piercing looks and the mix of fear and hatred of the villagers towards them.

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The little girl approached the Nilfgaardian officer with a beatific smile. The villagers around them witnessed this childlike innocence. The villagers and his men behind him alike eyed at the officer.

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Although he was never a member of the Communist Party, he was schooled in Marxism by the dissident communist Karl Korsch, teachings which influenced him greatly in theory and theatrical practise. Alison And Jack are Somerset-born Alison Frosdick and Jack Burnaby, who comes from Hampshire; she sings in a crystal-clear voice and plays whistles, and he accompanies her on concertina and diatonic accordion. Anecdotal evidence suggests that placing some individuals within a better supported or family setting can have positive outcomes compared to other options. Apart from the mellifluous notes of the nyckelharpas, Vicki also plays Swedish bagpipes, recorder, flute and double bass, and Jonny adds piano, bouzouki and citole, which was — or is — a medieval stringed instrument, picked or strummed with a plectrum. First of all, all ages and nations have cherished the thought that spiritual hosts may come to the help of earthly arms, that gods and heroes and saints have descended from their high immortal places to fight for their worshippers and clients.

He took in the mood swing by looking in the faces of the people around him. His own men had loosened, tension dropping from their shoulders.

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Even though they wore winter clothes, he could guess that their bodies were frail as well. The first winter after the war associated with the food shortage had taken a toll on them. The officer returned to his horse, hesitated for a moment, then opened the saddle bag and took the sack with his rations from it. He put something for the trip home in the saddle bag, but returned with the sack and put it between the villagers and his unit.

The Nilfgaardian fumbled around with a flask attached to his belt and threw it into the sack as well before he returned to his soldiers. He did not say a word. His look did not even have one ounce of an order in it, and yet all of his men followed his example. The villagers stood by in silence as they watched their former enemies leaving food for them. Proud of his soldiers the officer mounted his horse. He smiled but did not turn around. The whole family gathered around the decorated fir tree. In addition to the candles and straw stars, one single straw sun adorned the branches.

It was snowing again. The officer shivered. He was about to reach for his flask to take a sip of schnapps when he remembered giving it to the villagers. Still, he felt similar warmth welling up inside him. The Winter Solistice. Thronebreaker Update 1. Fixed an issue whereby entering the Mess Tent would cause the game to freeze.

"The Soldier's Tale"

Fixed minor UI issues. Added Chinese language support to the GOG version of the game.

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