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It's an extremely fun script, and I can't wait for you to help bring it to life. Just because Danny Dynamite is a comedy doesn't mean it can't look pretty. The script alone could make a great film, but we want to convey this story in the most professional way possible. With the stunning visuals created by our extremely talented Director of Photography, Tucker MacDonald, this film will have the production quality of a professional feature film, just stuffed into a smaller package.

We're also collaborating with multimedia artist Morgan Murphy and visual effects Kathleen Schenck to help model and animate our wrestling action figure Danny Dynamite and bring him to life using SCAD's state of the art Motion Capture technology. To top it off everything that appears before the camera will be delicately thought out and designed by our award winning production designers Addie Babcock and Julie Crooks.

Catering - It takes a lot of folks to make a good movie. And unfortunately our crew isn't composed of robots, and they need sustenance in order to function. Rental Equipment- SCAD provides us with lots of equipment to use, however, there are certain shots in the film that need special equipment that we have to rent from outside of SCAD. Being able to afford this equipment will really raise the production value of the film. Locations- Although our shimmering young faces can usually get us locations to use for free, often getting a prime location takes a little compensation in order to gain access to film there.

Stunt Coordinator- Along Harry's path to becoming a total badass, he decides to perform an epic stunt. For the safety of our cast and crew, we have to have a stunt coordinator on set making sure that everything is safe so the stunt can run smoothly. Production Design- A film can look pretty crummy with blank walls and empty space.

Our production designers need money to bring the set to life through set dressing, props, and wardrobe. As storytellers, we want to share this fun story with the world. We think you'll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy making it. Check out our awesome rewards on the side bar. Your donations could win you a copy of the film or your very own pair of Danny Dynamite underwear:. And please consider donating even if we have reached our goal. When it comes to film sets, Murphy's Law is king. No matter how much you prepare for production days, something will always go wrong.

Whether it's rescheduling for weather, or technical issues something will always arise to hinder production slightly. Luckily, we have a team of quick thinking problem solvers that can take these moments in stride, however it's always helpful to have a cushion of money to help when it comes to potential re-shoots and things of that nature. You hit the budget right in the face!

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Really stunned him! Digital copy of the film and a thank you update video comin' right up! The budget hit the ground! That deserves a DVD copy of the film! You just bought yourself a super badass Danny Dynamite t-shirt. You're gonna love it! He's dazed! Congrats you are a huge help in slaying this budget. You've earned yourself an original piece of Danny Dynamite concept art and a full sized Official Movie Poster 27"X41". You are my hero! Thank you for your huge support.

You're officially an Executive Producer of the film, and you get the original Danny Dynamite painting! Your huge donation also gets you your own Danny Dynamite action figure! Play on my friend! Come to Savannah, GA and I'll find a place for you to hide. Also, we will sneak you on set for one day and feature you as an extra in the film. When new girl Caitlyn arrives at Coombe House School Maddy is sure she must be a fellow ballet dancer; she certainly has all the grace and poise of a ballerina.

Just what can it be? Maddy is determined to find out! When Maya falls off her bike and into the arms of Jake Harper, her cousin Mattie thinks the crush that follows will be as short-lived as the rest — especially as Maya is a Year 8 nobody and Jake is a Year 12 god. And why does Maya accuse Mattie of being jealous of her? Masher is the bully of Storey Street. No one ever dares stand up to him and that's the way he likes it.

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But then Jemima and her family move into the plot of land next door. Jemima isn't afraid of him at all, and she's making him look like a bit of a wimp. To Masher, that just means one thing: war. At least until teatime Ruth is not enjoying her new school. Enter Shayanne, the new girl. Ruth is astonished and delighted when Shay pals up with her. But is the supercool Shay as together as she thinks, and why has she been excluded from two other schools?

DANNY "DYNAMITE" Perez VS. Jose Zertuche - 06/18/2004 (W)

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Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danny = Dynamite (@dannydynamite6). He realizes the only way to get her to notice him is to get in touch with his bad side. With guidance from his animated wrestling action figure 'Danny Dynamite' he.

Danny Dynamite. Jean Ure December 31, Ages When Billy the Skid and his nasty gang of mountain bikers ride into Bodley Street and ride menacingly up and down, Danny and friends are determined to fight back.

They know bullies must be stopped - the question is how? After a little thought, Danny comes up with an ingenious plan and enlists the help of the twins, Daisy and Donna.

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All will be well providing Danny can lure Billy into the spooky graveyard and sprint through like dynamite! More by Jean Ure See more. Born to Dance Dance Trilogy, Book 1. Book 1.

Strawberry Crush. Jean Ure. A brand new story of crushes, first love and friendship from the original Queen of Tween — Jean Ure! Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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