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The best European ski resorts for beginners
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All this snow is, of course, awesome for skiing, but can lead to a few dangers. First, bring an avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe. Some areas within resort boundaries require you to check your beacon at the gate. No beacon, no pow! People have fallen into these cracks and died! Wondering which skis to bring to Japan? The fattest ones in your quiver. Of course, you can ski pretty much anything, as the snow, while light, is reasonably supportive. But still, fat skis are great on deep snow, and it almost certainly will be deep and soft.

Note that rental equipment is not only available at many resorts, but often of high quality. A note on touring: There is some great backcountry touring in the area, so if you like to earn your turns, consider a setup with touring bindings and boots, especially if you are happy riding the same gear inbounds.

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You will want a guide to tour safely, but for super deep untracked snow, a backcountry tour is hard to beat. The gondolas are small inside, so get ready for a cozy ride with your skis, covered by a board cover to not scratch the windows. Stay with me here as I explain. Polarized prongs are used in U. Many Japanese outlets are not polarized, and the larger prong of U. Get an adapter before you travel.

It worked like a charm. Australians — Certainly the majority of visitors to Japan — will definitely need a plug adapter. Just too many variables for me to look into. Use the Google! Japan is known for its remarkable single malt whiskey—and for good reason, the stuff is delicious! While we recommend a shorter ski length for all the reasons outlined on our website, we still believe the key focus should be on learning great technique. Bode Miller could probably ski on 2 x 6 because of his great technique.


During our 4 day clinics, we suggest that clients wait to rent skis until after the second day of the clinic. I wish I had read this article when I was younger and before I ended up getting MS and losing mobility.

Ski Rental Prices

This post explains why and makes so much sense! Thanks for posting! I went to CO when I was Go figure, lol. I would be thrilled just to live in CO though like many others.

I would ride again, but the horse would have to be bombproof. Every day is a fight, some better than others. Great article! Help me out please on what size ski I should be using.

Also my ski style is aggressive, I like to go fast. I am a fit and active 50 year old — I work hard at the gym, and attend two dance classes a week, plus I cycle everywhere. Skiing, though, has bested me so far. Therefore, any slope beyond the very slightest gradient remains scary to me.

Ski and snowboard latest

After a lifetime of ballet I have excellent hip mobililty and can do what looks like a perfect snowplow. I dream of skis with little spikes on the bottom for braking.

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In the past I have been given skis as tall as me, presumably because the ski shop person thought it would be better to distribute my weight over a larger area. So, do you think it would be a good plan to tell them I want cm skis? Or even shorter?

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By Matt on October 14, in Blog. Karl Hughes October 16, at pm. Matt Gibson October 19, at am. Skiing Reply. Apex touts the comfort of this boot, but we actually found it to be less comfortable than most, even after having it custom heat molded. Thanks for calling this to my attention. It is home to nine resorts, including lifts accessing over runs.

I have not had any problems getting ski boots that fit me, by the way. My only real problem is speed control and I am hoping shorter skis will slow me down enough to properly get the hang of this.

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Any further advice? I really want to crack this this year! Ellen — Skiing slowly and with good control is part of our instruction. Hope that helps!

High Performance Adult Ski & Snowboard Equipment

Choosing Best Ski & Board Equipment - The Truth About Skiing Volume 5 eBook: Danko Puskaric: Kindle Store. Choosing Best Ski & Board Equipment - The Truth About Skiing Volume 5. Danko Puskaric. Published March 15th ISBN: Kindle Edition. pages. Book.

I am 66 years old and I have skied for 60 years and competed internationally in my teens and 20s. Oct E-Mail E-Mail. Password Password. Firstname Firstname.

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Lastname Lastname. You can unsubscribe at any time free of charge. Winter in Soelden Hotspot of the alps. Holiday Region Holiday Region. Ski Area. Live Info.

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Accommodations for: 1 Room for. Welcome to the Hot Spot in the Alps.