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The Invincible Iron Man, Volume 1: The Five Nightmares
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Thoreau himself was imprisoned once for not paying taxes himself. While describing the three foot think walls and the foot think door, he was struck by the foolishness of the institution, which regarded him as mere flesh, blood and bones to be locked up. The state has confined his body, not his intellect or his morals. This offers a good explanation of why within discussion about state and democracy there is also always a distinction between poor and rich: because, according to Thoreau, the rich depend on the system.

They have something to lose. Thoreau ends his essay with a wish for better time, though realising that there are still grounds to cover. The method in doing so, is civil disobedience. The objective thus is to deny the act of empowering the state, when in discontent with it. The method of activated discontent, is civil disobedience, which is the refusal of partaking in a structure that one disagrees with. The refusal reclaims the agency that one has given to the state by being its subject and therefore deprives the state of its power. In his essay, Thoreau offers a few traits and insights in to civil disobedience.

Henry Thoreau’s ideas on Civil Disobedience

He gave us one example, that of tax evasion. When translated to contemporary examples, tax evasion is a widely spread phenomenon — but not to reform the state according to its civilians, but as a method of walking through the white space in between the sentences of the law. Thoreau, for example, explicitly notes that every time he refused to pay taxes, somebody else paid it for him.

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This makes the action ineffective. It is thus important, for civil disobedience, to formulate a group of backers, and to make sure the actions of civil disobedience are well spread throughout society.

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A single case does not hold power in a majority aimed parliamentary democracy. A few traits that make civil disobedience easier, as Thoreau describes, is to be poor — meaning to have nothing to lose, only to gain. A second trait is to be practical: do not focus your disobedience at the whole of society because it will be un-aimed an ineffective. Aim it at one specific issue and find the method of evading the civilian duties one has regarding this single issue. An contemporary example is maternity leave, which is in many countries a right only for the person bearing the child: the woman.

For the last few years many have advocated that man should have the same right — yet so far nothing has changed. A way to enforce such a policy, is to not show up at work for a few days after the child has been born. Of course, as said before, it is important that many people do this, otherwise you will just be punished by not receiving pay.

Therefore, an action group to mobilize civilians is very useful. Announcing this measure beforehand is what gives the signal to the authorities about the goal of the action, which generates a focus on the task at hand and therefore also making it a bigger deal. Online Etymology Dictionary. Lancaster: Douglas Harper. Edited by William Rossi.

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The Invincible Iron Man, Volume 1: The Five Nightmares

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