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Remember to talk to a vet first though to ensure that your pup is physically suited for this active dog bucket list sport. Just like him, your pooch can become a social media superstar too!

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Start by taking lots of fun photos of your furry pal and post them on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. As tempting as it might be to switch the channel to watch your favorite American football teams going at each other, Super Bowl Sunday is the best time for you to binge-watch the Puppy Bowl with your pooch. You never know, you might find that squealing at fluffy furballs is a more enjoyable annual thing to do than screaming at sweaty athletes.

It can be a whole lot of fun to get your furry friend to socialize with other pets at a dog park. However, you need to have established a calm-assertive leadership over him by then. With this, along with remaining vigilant, you can rest assured that your dog will not become a fight magnet. Many owners believe that a doggy massage can help to provide strengthened immunity, increased circulation, stress relief and improved digestion in their pets. You may not be able to get him a Thai massage like the one I had in Chiang Mai , but definitely something more gentle will be available for your deserving best friend.

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So, schedule an appointment with your nearest animal massage parlor today to give your pup a well-deserved break after a hard day at the park. To make the training process easier and safer, make the necessary preparations such as providing clean water to drink, bringing a flotation vest, and establishing rest areas with a lot of shade. Start in a shallow part of the water then just coax him in farther with a toy or a treat.

3 fun activities to do with your dog

Using a positive tone of voice and giving lots of verbal praise can go a long way too. There are several reasons behind this NPS policy but the main point is to protect your dog along with park resources. To avoid any mishaps, remember to maintain proper trail etiquette including observing the rules for the right-of-way.

There is no better way to show off your amazing canine friend than by having him join this prestigious dog show. Just like you, your pup loves to feel the wind in his hair when cruising down the highways. The usual coupe or pickup is boring and confining though, so go on a drive on a convertible instead. Accessorize with cool sunglasses as you bask in the sun and you will feel like celebrities who have all the time in the world. This is because friendly canines can encourage residents to leave the confines of their room and to recover faster from surgery or a stroke. Watching the older generation having fun with your pet is always worth the effort of driving to your nearest care home and it will be such a rewarding thing to do for everyone.

Lots of organizations make calendars where owners can proudly display their pooches. The requirements for getting your pet in on the action can vary from place to place. Some clubs make it a contest to find suitable cover dogs while others are willing to print submissions.

Owning a lawn can do more than just boost the curb appeal of your home. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to frolic with the furballs, particularly when you have a sprinkler system installed. Take note though that some doggies find it more interesting to chew, bite or dig your sprinklers so you might want to buy a few sprinkler toys to protect your hoses and spouts. Some days you just want to relax rather than chase after Fido. A picnic is the best way for you to meet in the middle. As he romps around in the grass, you can chow on some cake and roll on the blanket.

But you have to realize that not all dogs may enjoy the experience.

Which pet is the most fun with the least amount of effort?

What you need to do is get him acclimated to the boat before the trip to minimize his distress about not having his feet planted on solid ground. Though you may not be able to find a doggy yoga retreat and hot Bikram yoga is out of the question, doga is not limited to just doing a variety of poses together. It may also include eye-gazing to enhance the human-canine bond. No problem—just bring him along! That is, if he is trained well enough to handle the activity.


If he barks a lot or tends to snatch food from other people, you will want to rethink your camping plans. So, if you have a pooch, bring him along on your adventure and get two checks for the price of […].

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24 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (or Excuses to Pet-Sit ASAP)

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